Digital Transformation and Audiovisual Experiences

With a history that spans more than three decades, we carry out the transformation of environments through digitalization, generating exceptional audiovisual experiences. Our futuristic vision and constant pursuit of technological innovation are the driving forces behind each project.

RPG: About us

RPG stands out as an audiovisual engineering company specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for the digital transformation of businesses. Based in Spain and present in Dubai, Arabia, Chile and Mexico, we focus on offering comprehensive audiovisual solutions and technological interior design.

Our main mission is to meet the needs and requirements of our clients in various environments, from Control Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Corporate Spaces to Innovation Centers, Public and Private Spaces.

We have a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in technological innovation and design, merging technology with architectural aesthetics in each project. We strive to create customized solutions of excellence for large corporations, both nationally in Spain and worldwide, with current presence in 35 countries and on all continents.

Our strength lies in the integration of engineers, architects, economists, journalists, infographics, interior designers and computer scientists, allowing us to offer unique experiences to our clients.

At the core of our philosophy is the constant search for innovation, supported by research and development of new technologies. Looking towards the digital future, we present our latest breakthrough, the B2Metaverse, a hyper-realistic metaverse that positions us at the forefront of the industry. This innovation enables us to lead by providing our clients with advanced products and solutions tailored to their needs.

Global Solutions

Digital transformation

Multidisciplinary team

Technological innovation

Sustainable design

rpg team

A Multidisciplinary Team

RPG team members are composed by professionals from different fields, such as Engineering, Telecommunications, Industrial Design, as well as Architecture and Interior Design. RPG’s project is based on offering customized solutions and services for each client. RPG’s human team consists of highly skilled professionals with vast experience, providing solutions to our client´s real needs.

RPG offers an exclusive after-sales technical service not only for the maintenance of audiovisual systems but also for the technical furniture it implements, standing out for its high level of specialization.

Investigation and Innovation as progress alliance

Our goals of constant innovation, investigation and new technologies development, consolidate us as a leader institution in the field. We implement the finest products on the market with outstanding solutions, adapted to our client’s needs. We promote Research and Development, investing in our own solutions.


Sustainability and commitment to the Environment

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to changing the way many companies work to improve their well-being, providing better connectivity and productivity. We transform the relationship and integration of workspaces, creating healthier environments for employees.

All products are manufactured under the strictest engineering controls, both during the manufacturing process and in the supplied materials. We consider factors such as carbon footprint, recycled and recyclable materials, post-consumption, and toxicity.

RPG complies with all European directives on environmental matters and is firmly committed to advancing environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We implement the latest market technologies while respecting the environment as an essential requirement in all actions.

EUWIN (European Network of Workplace Innovation) RPG studies the latest advances in the development and improvement of the workplace.

Platform for Innovation Processes for New Ways of Working (NFT).