Control Room Solutions

We offer solutions to cover all the needs that Control Centers or Control Rooms may have, such as the integration of Audiovisual Systems, Interior Design, Technical Furniture, configuration, development, and implementation of all the components that comprise it.

Turnkey projects for Control Rooms

RPG specializes in managing turnkey projects, from the initial conceptualization phase to the final execution. We work closely with our clients to develop fully customized control rooms tailored to their specific needs.

Our comprehensive approach includes optimizing spaces, ensuring an optimal distribution of workstations. We incorporate professional visualization systems, such as videowalls, LED screens, and other displays, along with advanced technologies like KVM. Additionally, we offer ergonomic control consoles, chairs designed for continuous 24/7 use, interior design, installation of technical floors, implementation of acoustic panels, and optimization of environmental lighting, providing a comprehensive and complete solution for our clients.

With over three decades of experience specializing in the design and implementation of control centers, as well as manufacturing cutting-edge technical furniture, RPG has forged a solid legacy as prominent leaders in the industry. We are fully equipped to tackle challenges of any magnitude on a global scale, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients worldwide.

Videowalls, LED walls, and professional displays

Our line of professional display systems represents excellence in visual technology applied to high-performance environments. This range of solutions encompasses state-of-the-art devices such as videowalls, LED walls, and professional displays, which employ advanced technologies like DLP, TFT LCD, LED, and microLED. Each device is meticulously designed to provide unparalleled viewing quality.

These professional display systems constitute an essential component of our commitment to excellence and efficiency in managing critical information. Our audiovisual solutions not only excel in exceptional technical performance but also seamlessly integrate into our projects, meeting the requirements of the most demanding control rooms.

DLP Technology

Cutting-edge projection solution based on nanotechnology using Microchip light reflection through micro mirrors, which has evolved into DLP LED and DLP LASER, with resolutions up to 4k. It is a robust technology especially suitable for control centers and intensive use. Its main advantages are its robustness, color accuracy, extremely high contrast, and high brightness. It is a technology with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

DLP technology allows for unlimited videowall configurations in size, in modular formats ranging from 50″ to 80″.

TFT LCD Technology

TFT LCD technology consists in a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) that makes use of thin-film transistor technology. An individual transistor is used to drive each individual pixel, allowing for faster response times. This technology has been developed to meet corporate and communication requirements.

The main characteristic is the thin frames that work perfectly to configure big format video walls with the minimum depth. It can be used in video wall or single format, from 46” to 120”, with Full HD resolution, till 4 and 8K.

LED Technology

Direct LED technology is the most evolved system of the last 10 years. Currently, it has achieved very high resolutions thanks to the new system called microLED and nano LED, aimed for intensive use in critical centers and control rooms. The main advantages of direct LED system are its completely flexible size, with unlimited and seamless configurations, allowing it to adapt to non-standard dimensions in formats and sizes with total versatility.

It is definitely the technology with the greatest future projection, especially suitable for control rooms and high availability, allowing the configuration of large screens with total uniformity and very high resolutions. The lifespan is over 100,000 hours, and the screen depth is minimal.

EVLAN Control

This is an electronic processor that manages and distributes signals as windows, both in video IP, DVI, and LAN applications to visualize in video walls. It allows different configurations with a suitable control, using an integrated software in the EVLAN system.

Collaborative Software

ACTIVU Software Platform

This software manages graphic information within the client´s net. The main goal is to share information from diverse displays, such as video wall or monitors. The operators coordinate the system through the AP tool, which allows to direct information anywhere in the net.

Positioning Software Platform

This solution is based on a technology platform regarding interior positioning more accurate than the GPS.

Multisensorial technology optimized the preexisting infrastructure, avoiding acquisition and maintenance costs for new hardware. It offers automatic plant detection and accurate calibration by mapping anywhere in minutes.

Technological Interior Design

Our technical furniture combines control consoles, ergonomic chairs, desks, screen supports and arms, racks, modern lighting solutions, and decorative panels that improve sound reverberation and contribute to reducing acoustic pollution.

Technical Furniture

Technical furniture in a control room plays a fundamental role in meeting operational needs, ensuring the comfort and efficiency of operators. Careful selection of furniture is essential for the effective functioning of such control rooms.

In our firm, we design and manufacture technical furniture with a central focus on ergonomics, seeking to provide optimal solutions for the well-being of operators. Especially oriented towards intensive-use control centers, our specialized furniture creates comfortable and sustainable work environments.

We develop an extensive range of modular and flexible products that incorporate internal channels adapted to specific wiring needs and the arrangement of technological elements. Our comprehensive solutions for control rooms include state-of-the-art technology, with a modern and contemporary design that is fully customizable and functional.

Eos Advance Console

Eos Advance is a contemporary design console that combines elegance shapes with ergonomic and high-performance technology, specially designed for 24×7 intensive use spaces.

It is characterized by its simplicity, connectivity and versatility.

eoSmart Console

eoSmart is the new digital console concept, specifically adapted for critical control center operators. It´s equipped with the greatest technological and ergonomic advances, touch-sensitive lifting system and maximum connectivity for the operator’s station.


From a single operator workstation to complete control rooms, SmartTrac represents the absolute best value in a fully modular, ergonomic and adaptable technical furniture system.


Specifically designed for broadcast control rooms. What makes Slimtech really special is its high adaptable nature to incorporate all equipment in any demanding environment.

After-Sales Service for Control Rooms

Our Support and After-Sales Department is composed of a highly qualified team of experienced professionals. We provide excellent technological support with in-house personnel trained at the factory, and we offer maintenance modalities and after-sales services for all our installations and projects.

24-hour Technical Support


Maintenance & After-Sales