Control Room Solutions

We provide solutions to create attractive, ergonomic control rooms, improving comfort and optimizing efficiency. Our experts combine the disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics and interior design to create solutions that are both efficient and eye-catching.

DLP Technology

The projection engines used in RPG projection video walls are powered by Digital Light Processing (DLP®) technology. At the heart of a DLP® projection system is the DMD chip which contains an array of up to 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors, which evolved to DLP/LED and DLP Laser, delivering a resolution up to 4k. DLP® technology is also renowned for its robustness and long term reliability, with an estimated durability over 100,000hours.

DLP Technology offers unlimited video wall size configurations, by modular standard formats ranging from 50” to 80”.

TFT Technology

TFT technology consists in a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) that makes use of thin-film transistor technology. An individual transistor is used to drive each individual pixel, allowing for faster response times. This technology has been developed to meet corporate and communication requirements.

The main characteristic is the thin frames that work perfectly to configure big format video walls with the minimum depth. It can be used in video wall or single format, from 46” to 120”, with Full HD resolution, till 4 and 8K.

LED Technology

LED Technology is the most evolved system in the las 10 years. Currently, this system has reached the highest resolutions thanks to the NANO LED, appropriated for the intense used in Control Rooms. The main benefit of LED direct system is its size, providing unlimited configurations and dimensions.

This is definitely the most promising technology for Control Rooms, allowing massive configurations with high resolution. With more than 100.000 hours durability, the depth of the screen is minimum.

EVLAN Control

This is an electronic processor that manages and distributes signals as windows, both in video IP, DVI, and LAN applications to visualize in video walls. It allows different configurations with a suitable control, using an integrated software in the EVLAN system.

ACTIVU Software Platform

This software manages graphic information within the client´s net. The main goal is to share information from diverse displays, such as video wall or monitors. The operators coordinate the system through the AP tool, which allows to direct information anywhere in the net.

IT ADVANCE Solution – hardware-software Platform

The KVM IP solution is based on a Multicask network, in which system encoders can be connected. This system is specifically designed to ensure the sign transition, with high quality and no latency.

It can be completely configured, both sources and operator needs, allowing control over screens with a keyboard and a mouse. This solution optimizes the stability and the easiness to manage diverse servers by one operator and, as a consequence, the user´s interface is very accessible and straightforward.

In addition to the possible redundancy of the entire system, integration with LDAP, VNC, RDP and RTSP H264 is also provided.

Solución IT BASIC - Plataforma hardware-software

IT Basic está orientada a entornos de tamaño medio que necesiten un sistema KVM digital de baja latencia. El sistema se compone de una serie de nodos que inyectan la señal proveniente de los servidores a una red KVM. Existe una gran variedad de nodos que nos permiten dimensionar perfectamente la red de manera acorde a nuestras necesidades, siendo además posible crecer si así se requiere.

Es un sistema distribuido que no necesita de un servidor central pero puede añadírsele, si se desean, funciones avanzadas de configuración tales como integración con LDAP, conexiones contra fuentes VNC y/o RDP, configuración de roles y permisos o centralización de la gestión de los nodos distribuidos.

Cada puesto de operador tiene soporte para dos monitores FullHD o 4K@30Hz y para mostrar un máximo de ocho fuentes de manera simultánea en el escritorio formado por estas pantallas.

Desarrollado sobre Linux, ofrece la robustez y estabilidad propias de esta plataforma de software y lo convierten en la solución ideal para la mayoría de entornos de operación 24/7.

Positioning Software Platform

This solution is based on a technology platform regarding interior positioning more accurate than the GPS.

Multisensorial technology optimized the preexisting infrastructure, avoiding acquisition and maintenance costs for new hardware. It offers automatic plant detection and accurate calibration by mapping anywhere in minutes.

Technical furniture

RPG is a leader in control room console solutions. We create attractive, ergonomic control room consoles improving comfort and optimizing efficiency. We offer stock, customized and custom consoles suitable for any control room application. We give special consideration to the ergonomic requirements of your operators to build consoles that reduce fatigue, improve productivity and inspire. Our commitment to customer service is second-to-none and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Widestar 24/7

Widestar 24/7 is conceived to comply with the 365x24x7 work environments that companies need. Its versatility allows every space adjustment that the operators need.

It is recommended for work environments such as Operations Rooms for railways, traffic, navigation, crisis rooms, supervision and command centers, spaces that requires a critical and intensive work capacity.

Lift Star

Lift Star has been design with the automatic mechanism Sit/Stand; the structure’s shape generates the space the operator needs to freely move; the upper structure consists in adjustable in height, resistant work surface that brings ergonomics and comfort. To complete this design, Lift Star presents a cabinet for installing the equipment inside the console.

Lift Star was conceived to match human body angles, using a curved design for the structure that provides the perfect space while working.


VDS Console is the perfect combination between creativity and comfort.

VDS Console ergonomically adapts to the workplace, transforming the work area in a more efficient environment. These features assessed any re-configuration or structural and technological changes required in a control room.

Our services

Our technical and customer service department is assembled by high trained personnel with broad experience that contribute with solutions to our client´s real needs. We provide a technical support service with our own staff, and offer maintenance service in all our installations and projects.

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